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Home Movie: 97211: Home and Travel

Published ca. 1963 - 1964

To come.

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Audio/Visual Color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - March 20, 2015
Subject: No thanks
In this, we have various family get togethers mixed it with some outdoor shots. There's a nice big aftermath of a snowstorm in there, as well as some Christmases (lady doesn't like, and rightly so! her gift of a toy dog.)
Reviewer: sbaloans101 - - November 7, 2013
Subject: Family
Nice and simple kind of movie. Not much of a comment. Probably I find it boring movie to watch.
Reviewer: cruelembroidery - - October 23, 2013
Subject: Lack of moving subjects
Begins with dark interior shots, almost indiscernible. Some of the outside shots have better color and contrast, but the short clips are often of still subjects, like a family standing outside a house. Also common slow pans of empty landscapes, like a suburb or front of a motel. Some driving shots out the front window of a car, but not in a scenic area.
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